Spotlight on Student Staff

Rachel Martel

Class: 2018
Major: Biology
Summary:¬†This summer I’ve gained more experience with assisting faculty and staff members as well as incoming students as they prepare for the fall. I’ve also helped prepare an IT orientation for the Graduate Psychology program. Working over the summer has been a great experience and has made me feel connected to the campus community!

Taylor Schneider

Class: 2017
Major: Psychology & minor in Business Administration
Summary: This summer has allowed me to focus on practicing my abilities as lead technician, as well as a project manager, and being part of a team. From helping to coordinate summer program testing, creating IT student training week, and spending extra time working with members of the IT department to better the school radio station, all of my skills have been put to the test. This summer has helped me grow as a worker, teammate, and person!

Kipp Brooks

Class: 2018
Major: Gender Studies
Summary: Working in IT has taught me so much more than just technology basics and troubleshooting; I’ve learned how to identify and solve problems, how to communicate with and help people effectively, and how to ask questions and work with others to find solutions. Being able to work here all summer has helped me increase those skills tenfold. I’ve worked on multiple projects and with many members of the SMC community, which has helped me feel both more confident in my work here and more prepared for anything I do in the future.