IT Helpdesk

The knowledgeable IT Helpdesk staff will help answer any questions you have about your computer, smart phone, iPad, or Mac. The Helpdesk is also a fun place to talk about the latest technology! We are located in Saint Edmund’s Hall 221C. 802-654-2020 Our Hours Are Regular Hours: Monday-Thursday, 7:30 AM – 7:30 PM and …Read More

Support for Student Computers

Our IT Helpdesk in Saint Edmund’s 221 provides assistance for registering and connecting devices to the campus network.

Computer Requirements

Before you bring your computer to campus, there are a couple of things you need to do. Computer and network security concerns have steadily increased over the past few years, so we have put several measures in place to minimize your exposure to viruses and other malicious activity.

Personal Devices

We highly recommend that you bring a wireless laptop or tablet computer to campus. Many professors require that students bring their own laptops to class, both for note-taking and also for specific applications that are taught within the framework of the class.

Network File Storage

We provide personal network storage space for employees (known as the Z:drive). For undergrad students, we offer OneDrive via Office 365.  We also provide shared folders for both Academic and Administration users (known as the O:drive).

Secure Printing

Saint Michael’s College utilizes a campus-wide, “follow me” printing system. This means you can print from any computer and release the job at any printer across campus by swiping your Knightcard. We promote environmentally friendly practices by leveraging two-sided printing, limiting color printing and providing the ability to delete unwanted print jobs. For more information, …Read More


Saint Michael’s College hosts an encrypted Wi-Fi network consisting of over 800 access points, with coverage throughout all residence halls and academic buildings. Simply connect to the network that matches your role (“SMC-Student” or “SMC-Fac-Staff”) and sign in using your Mikenet account. Additional information is provided for enrolled students and employees on our Information Technology …Read More