iPad Initiative

img_2033The Education and Information Technology (IT) department have been collaborating on a 1:1 iPad initiative for Secondary Education majors. All declared majors receive an iPad Air (to own, charged back) and non-majors borrow one.

The goal of the iPad initiative is to better prepare students for a teaching career focused on a changing knowledge economy, and flexibility in curriculum and design. The use of iPads in classrooms requires the integration of a complex set of instructional practices, as well as the creativity to problem-solve in real time. In many instances, staff from the IT team attend classes, enabling just-in-time support and collaboration.
The benefits of this particular initiative are many, including:

Dynamic and meaningful learning experiences
Effective note-taking, collaboration, and communication among students, faculty, and staff
Creative use of available applications that enhance your teaching/learning experiences as a student, as well as those that you will use with your student’s during placement experiences
Portability, allowing you to carry your teaching resources with you all the time
The ability to instantly generate and share media rich content
Textbook savings (you will not purchase traditional textbooks in several classes)

Some of the popular Apps used by the Education Department include:

  • Nearpod
  • ShadowPuppetEDU
  • Google App Suite (Slides, Docs, Drive, and Blogger)
  • Notability
  • Explain Everything