Specialized Labs and Spaces

A variety of specialized computer labs and technology rich spaces are available to faculty, students, and staff throughout campus. These spaces allow for prototyping, use of digital media, Linux operating system, and language resources.

Canvas Lab

The Canvas Lab is located within the Learning Resource Centre (St. Edmunds 215). The Canvas Lab is a small drop-in space, with staff and students who can support faculty with the campus learning management system. Canvas workshops and documentation are available as well as individual help.

Linux Lab

Jeanmarie 140 is a Computer Science lab with 13 Linux computers dedicated to students taking computer science courses.


The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is located in Saint Edmunds 215. While the Learning Resource Center’s primary support is for the Applied Linguistics and Modern Languages Departments, the space is open to all campus users when classes aren’t in progress. This space has been set up with multiple screens and flexible furniture in order to provide space not only for classes, but also for workshops and collaborative groups.

Mac Lab

The Mac Lab is located in St. Edmund’s Hall 113. This lab is primarily a private workspace designed to support the college’s Fine Arts department. This space satisfies the needs of the departmental majors, giving them the skills and resources needed to support their digital learning and creative work. It is equipped with 15 iMac workstations that include the full Adobe Suite and other popular software. MIDI keyboards are also available at each workstation to support various music courses.


The MakerSpace is a vibrant, student-oriented place for creativity, prototyping and experimentation, located on the first floor of the Dion Student Center. With a variety of tools and equipment readily at hand, and trained student staff available, members of the campus community can learn maker-centric software and hardware, and experiment with laser-cutting, 3D printing, fabric art, and creative engineering. The Campus Store carries a line of supplies used for personal projects.

The MakerSpace is collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature, and supports STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) academic projects. Classes meet to use the resources within the space on occasion, or sometimes on a regular basis. Both equipment certification workshops and creative workshops are held regularly during the academic year. Please contact Eric Roy (654-2338) for information about teaching in the space.

MakerSpace Schedule, beginning August 29:
Monday-Thursday, 1:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Friday, 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Open for workshops on Sunday afternoons—see schedule of workshops posted on MakerSpace window.
Closed during academic holidays and recesses
For appointment with MakerSpace staff, please contact Eric Roy (654-2338).

Check out our MakerSpace blog, with photos of recent activities and information you need to know.

MJD Labs

The Media, Journalism & Digital Arts Labs is located in Jeanmarie 142 and 144: The two Media Labs on the first floor of Jeanmarie Hall support the MJDA Department, and are only available to students and faculty from that department. They are accessed through the card swipe system. The Media Labs are not available to be scheduled, outside of their home department usage.

Public and Teaching Labs

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