Farewell to our Seniors

As spring semester comes to an end today and graduation comes this weekend, the IT department would like to recognize the following graduating seniors below and wish them luck on the next part of their lives.

Kipp Brooks
Alex Brushwein
Alex Colletta
Andrew Goulet
Micaela Hajduk
Jess Jamer
Nicole Kordana
Jake Latassa
Angela McParland
Rachel Martel
Shawn MacNeill
Susana Marino-Johnson
Sarah Naple
Erik Radzinski
Gregory Rose
Mari Salinas
Rebecca Stouges
Giulian Trabucco

Looking Ahead and Advice

Alex Colletta
Favorite Memory: Working in the summers. In the summer months, there’s not a lot of people on campus, so I developed genuine bonds and friendships with students and staff members of the SMCVT IT department!
What did you learn, will help in future career?: Time management, organization, and communication skills!
Advice to other student staff?: Don’t be afraid to always ask questions. Additionally, don’t be afraid to challenge others.
Plans for the future?: To be determined 🙁

Susana Marino-Johnson
Favorite Memory: IT training week
What did you learn, will help in future career?: I learned how to think critically about IT problems, determining potentially where the issue is coming from before running through troubleshooting steps. I also learned how to talk on the phone, which is something I was not at all comfortable doing before college.
Advice to other student staff?: Try to gain the most experience you can so it can be an asset for you in the future, build good relationships with your coworkers and project managers because that will make time pass while working here.
Plans for the future?: Software development and support (plans currently are at NIH in Bethesda, MD).

Andrew Goulet
Favorite Memory: It might be reading a spam email from the “Thailand Hacker Squad.”
What did you learn, will help in future career?: Teamwork skills, project leader skills, technical skills like troubleshooting hardware and software issues for students and staff.
Advice to other student staff?: Stay persistent and keep learning.
Plans for the future?: I will be working for DealerPolicy in Colchester, a growing startup, doing IT work.

Gregory Rose
Favorite Memory: I was able to record the Concert for Susan Summerfield on April 21st, which was a pleasure & honor to work for because of how beautiful an evening it was.
What did you learn, will help in future career?: I learned the ins & outs of live sound more than I had prior.
Advice to other student staff?: Ask questions. Never allow yourself to feel unconformable with the workload when you know someone is always willing to help.
Plans for the future?: I plan on going home to my parents’ house until I can get on my feet for paying for the necessities.