Student Spotlight: Cindy Do

Area of Employment: Helpdesk

Class Year: 2020

Why Did You Choose to Work With the IT Department?
I wanted to work with IT because it helps me interact directly with people, gain more customer service skills, and to expand my computer skills.

What is Your Role in the IT Department?
I work at the Helpdesk, so if you’re having computer troubles or need set-up printing and/or wifi, I will be there!

Technological Advice To Our Community
Don’t click on emails where they ask you to provide your username and password on an non-SMC website!

What’s Your Best Technology Time-Saving Shortcut Or Life Hack?
If someone needed to use your phone to call, use Siri (if you enabled Siri to be used when your phone is locked) from the lock screen to make the call. That way, the person has no access to any other app on your phone this way.