Student Spotlight: Alex Colletta

Area of Employment: Accelerated Summer College

Class Year: 2018

Why Did You Choose to Work With the IT Department?
I was originally hired to work in the Language Learning Center. It was a lead position, so I believed it would be great for experience and be a resume builder.

What is Your Role in the IT Department?
I have been working as an intern for the Accelerated Summer College since the summer of 2016. I help with marketing efforts, registration, and assist my boss in the management of the program as a whole!

Technological Advice To Our Community
Googling things when you don’t know the answer. There’s a 99% chance your technological question has been answered somewhere on the internet.

What’s Your Best Technology Time-Saving Shortcut Or Life Hack?
Shutting off your device seems to solve most issues-if this doesn’t work, Google or go see the friendly faces of the Helpdesk!