Student Spotlight: Francis Sweenor IV

Area of Employment: IT Helpdesk

Class Year: 2019

Why Did You Choose to Work With the IT Department?
I chose to work with the IT Department because I currently am not sure of what I want to do for work after college and thought that working for IT would give me a feel for some of the types of jobs I could get with my degree.

What is Your Role in the IT Department?
I work at the help desk where I preform various different tasks such as answering phones and helping people who walk in with questions.

Technological Advice To Our Community
If your account is locked out or the password is incorrect, in most cases, you can actually fix that on your own without even calling us! Just know that when it asks for a pin it is the last four digits of your social security number or the month and day you were born.

What’s Your Best Technology Time-Saving Shortcut Or Life Hack?
If you’re on a mac and are printing many things, have only the things you are printing up and easy to access. Then when you type in your credentials for one job, quickly go to the other print jobs and you shouldn’t have to reenter your credentials if the little printer icon is still up.