Student Spotlight: Nicole Kordana

Area of Employment: MakerSpace and LRC/ Canvas Lab

Class Year: 2018

Why Did You Choose to Work With the IT Department?
My first week of college I visited the Financial Aid Office and was assigned to work in the Canvas Lab. I was absolutely terrified because the most I had ever used a computer was for Microsoft Word for typing essays, and to apply for college. I was barely technology literate. After being assured that I would be taught everything I needed to know and I wouldn’t be left to fend for myself, I started really loving my job- learning new technology, learning how to teach, and interacting with students, staff, faculty, and parents to help them be more tecnologically literate too! If anything I’ve learned that anyone can learn how to better use technology and it’s not as intimidating as it may seem.

What is Your Role in the IT Department?
I started off the the Canvas Lab as a workstudy student. After staying the summer between my first and sophomore years of college, I quickly became involved in helping to start up the MakerSpace, where I am now the Student Manager, and I discovered how to set up machinery, use software, create intricate designs. Currently in the MakerSpace, I help to create employee schedules, perform maintenance on machinery, and assist anyone who walks through the door to make something amazing!

In addition to working in the MakerSpace, I am also a lead in the LRC which is combined with the Canvas Lab. There I have the privilege of working with students, staff, and faculty, mainly with the focus of ALD and international students to have convenient access to a variety of technology. I also help to support any needs revolving around Canvas including troubleshooting or course design. Finally, I work with some amazing student employees to make sure daily operations run smoothly, and everyone is up to date with information they need to know to be the best they can be!

Technological Advice To Our Community
Don’t be afraid to ask questions about technology. Over the course of my time in IT I have seen drastic improvements on how we can better use technology, but I find people are often apprehensive about trying something new because technology seems “unreliable” or too complicated. Technology can be a beautiful educational and productivity tool, but it does take a minor time investment- but I promise its WORTH it!

What’s Your Best Technology Time-Saving Shortcut Or Life Hack?
When saving a Powerpoint presentation, if you save as a .PPS rather than the default .PPT your presentation will open immediately in slideshow mode rather than having to begin it yourself. It makes the overall presentation seem more cohesive and professional!