Staff Spotlight: Erik Lightbody

Assistant Director of Technical Services

How Long Have You Been at SMC
8.5 years working, 4 years as undergrad

Role in the IT Department
I supervise the Helpdesk and associated support efforts. This includes training, mentoring, and managing the student staff, as well as acting as an escalation path for more difficult or unique requests. My role as part of the Technology Learning Center team includes conducting workshops and training sessions, usually focused around Cyber Security and application efficiencies. I also work closely with our networking and applications teams to ensure our users have consistent, problem-free experience.

How Did You End Up in IT
I was assigned to the Helpdesk as a work study student in 2004. For those that remember, IT was very different back then–we spent most of our time “keeping the lights on” and didn’t have time to innovate or promote new technologies. Upon graduation there was an opening for the manager of the Helpdesk (the 4th such opening in 4 years), and I saw it as my opportunity to provide some consistency in this space. Teamed up with Kellie Campbell (also class of 2008) we worked to develop a robust student training program, which lead to a shift of responsibilities within the department. Students were now able to handle the day-to-day operations while the full time staff could now focus on introducing new technologies, creating a complex and stable network, and work with individual departments to meet their technology needs.

Technological Advice To Our Community
That email threatening to close your account? It’s fake. 100% of the time.
That email from UPS saying you need to open an attached invoice? Again, fake. 100% of the time.
That email offering you a job for $1,000 a week? You guessed it, still fake.
The Internet is an expansive, magical place filled with people who are trying to scam you. Don’t let them. Keep your personal information private!

What’s Your Best Technology Time-Saving Shortcut Or Life Hack?
Looking for a program or file? Click the Start Menu and just start typing what you’re looking for–the application or document will show up right in your Start Menu. To impress your friends, instead of clicking on the Start Menu with the mouse just hit the Windows key on your keyboard (bottom left, between Ctrl and Alt). When your application shows up just hit “enter” to open it. If you learn enough hotkeys like this you’ll find you almost never need your mouse!